At HEALING HEARTS, counseling services are individualized depending

on your age, identifying the problem, and your desired results.

I keep my caseload small to provide the most personalized counseling services.

Play Therapy.

Counseling services for children ages 2-10 at Healing Hearts is centered around play therapy. Play is a child's primary mode of communication rather than words. In counseling, children play out how they are feeling and their experience of the world. Ray, Bratton, Rhine, and Jones (2001) concluded, “Play therapy is effective for either gender, a variety of ages, across numerous settings, and for many presenting issues.”

Play therapy is BENEFICIAL to children for the following reasons:

  • Learn to bring themselves under control
  • Become more responsible for their behavior
  • Able to act out in fantasy what they may not be able to express in reality
  • Learn social skills & coping skills
  • Develop the ability to solve problems that arise and enhance their communication skills
  • Develop acceptance of self and increase their self-esteem
  • Responsibility accompanies decision-making.

Before children can resist their first impulses, they must have an awareness of their behavior, a feeling of responsibility, and the experience of self-control.

In addition, to play therapy sessions, I work directly with the parents to give them feedback after every session to enhance their child's success at home and school.

Additional information on play therapy located at https://www.a4pt.org/page/ParentsCornerHomePag.

Teen/Adult Counseling.

Teen counseling services at Healing Hearts may look different than other counseling offices. I meet with my teen clients after a quick check in with the parents. I facilitate my teen clients to not only work through their teen difficulties, but also to foster a healthy and supportive relationship with their parents.

Every teen I work with is unique and has a variety of likes and dislikes. I utilize a multitude of modalities when working with teens. To name a few, I use music, sandtray therapy, structured activities, art supplies, collages, sculpting with model magic, or worksheets. As we get to know each other, we will use the modalities your teen prefers.

I work with adult clients similarly as I do with my teen clients. Many adults prefer traditional talk therapy (talking about the topics that are most important to the client without other interventions). This too is an option!

As we build a therapeutic relationship, I will get to know you, the things that are important to you, and what you want to focus on during your time in therapy. I want you to know that I am NOT looking for life-long clients. I want to help you on your healing journey and teach you the skills to cope as quickly as possible.

Child-Parent Relationship Training.

Child-parent relationship training is a 10 week course for you to learn how to communicate effectively through play with your child and to also understand what your child is trying to tell you. CPRT incorporates a base for a healthy parent-child relationship, effectively using discipline as a tool for learning not punishment, and helps you foster an environment to cultivate a confident, independent child.

This course is offered in individual or group format.

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