I would LOVE the opportunity

to work with

you, your kids, or your family!

Your friends or family may have referred you or you found me on the web. I no longer offer counseling services.

However, I do offer life and grief coaching in person or online. This means I use a solution-focused framework to get you the relief and results you are looking for much quicker instead of spending years in a deep dive, rehashing all of your past traumas and hoping you will arrive at some semblance of symptom-free peace.

If you are interested in learning more about coaching, please send me an email and include your phone number. During our initial phone consultation, I will ask a few questions to determine if I am able to provide the services you need. Then, we can discuss scheduling availability.

Please know coaching is NOT covered under your insurance.

To explore more about the grief coaching I offer, click this link

105 E 5th Ave, Augusta, KS 67010, USA


105 E. 5th Avenue

Augusta, KS 67010

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105 E 5th Ave, Augusta, KS 67010, USA


105 E. 5th Avenue

Augusta, KS 67010

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